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Delicate stories


We feel touched and called upon,

New data coming out every month; warnings,

Changing weather; the 6th summer of the year just went by,  Changing moods

We feel touched and called upon

Let us not ignore but see

Let us not hesitate but act

Let us not push away, these feelings and emotions


Telling delicate stories 


Stories can explain observations and relations easily and pleasant, not as warnings or threats [1]. They make us more aware of the message we send, and thereby at the same time making us aware of  the impact on a perceiver. Telling stories is making sure you use relatable connection, imaginable images and compelling language. [2]

I guess it was when you were a child, when you were able to make everything alive; everything relatable, everything mattered. “Your teddybear wants to drink” instead of “your teddybear is thirsty”, indicating at a great imagination. The stories before bedtime were affecting your dreams and maybe even the days ahead. The stories and imaginative power made you able to invent endless amounts of games and new, exciting things which were not there before. Now the wild virtue of curiosity has been cultivated [3], and imagination and wild plans seem only attractive when it would generate profit. A profit mainly counting for human species; the rules of the game have changed. Can we changes them again? Can we tell different stories again?


[1] Also, the text of Isabelle Stengers was of great help to make me understand how to deal with the problematic developments. 

[2] This text was inspired by a lecture of Donna Haraway where she is explaining her book: ‘Staying with the trouble’ from 2016.

[3] And her book itself ‘staying with the Trouble – Making Kin in the Chthulucene’

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