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Photography and Architecture

In a set of four days spread over the next couple of months Argus will expose different parallels between photography and architecture. Professional photographers will share their visions and views on both subjects, their similarities and differences. The different themes we will be discussing are realism, manipulation, interpretation and the translation to architecture. As a closing event there will be an exposition in which the student work will be exposed and criticized by a professional jury.

The program:
REALISM – 13th November – Room B
MANIPULATION – 12th December – Berlage Zaal
INTERPRETATION – 13th February
TRANSLATION – 13th March

Lectures from 12:30 to 13:45
Workshops 14:00-18:00

Per day there will be a (free) public lecture and a workshop with a small group of motivated students. During the workshops a direct interaction with the lecturer makes you aware of new perspectives, tools and ways to look at architecture.
We expect the people who join the workshop to have a camera and know how to use it, you also should be experienced with Photoshop (actual experience depending on workshop type). If you would like to join, fill in the form here. The cost are €10, – per workshop or €35, – for the whole series. In case there is a lot of interest we will have to make a selection out of all application and therefore we ask you to send in a photo made by you portraying your vision towards any aspect of photography in architecture.

If you would like to join to join, fill in the form here.

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    Photography and Architecture : ARGUS


    Photography and Architecture : ARGUS

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    Photography and Architecture : ARGUS

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