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PhD Day | Round Table Talks

Phd Poster Final corrected1To become a doctor, you first have to become a PhD student. At the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft are different PhD students, with different researches and different stories, but not always visible for master students. To connect the master students with the PhD students will be the goal for this PhD-day. Questions we would like to get answered at this day are; What makes it interesting for these PhD students to do a PhD? What is the role of a PhD student within the Faculty of Architecture and the Build Environment? What kind of research are they doing? Which topics are possible at the faculty of Architecture? What happens after doing a PhD?

At the round table talks you have the opportunity to talk to different PhD students about their experience and you can receive technical information.

ARGUS is organising this event as an introduction to the annual colloquium of PhD students on Tuesday the 22th of September.

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