PhD Day Committee


(PhD Committee existed till 2016)

To become a doctor, you first have to become a PhD student. At the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft are different PhD students, with different researches and different stories, but not always visible for master students. To connect the master students with the PhD students will be the goal for this PhD-day. Questions we would like to get answered at this day are; What makes it interesting for these PhD students to do a PhD? What is the role of a PhD student within the Faculty of Architecture and the Build Environment? What kind of research are they doing? Which topics are possible at the faculty of Architecture? What happens after doing a PhD?

Also, within the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, the Architecture track and its education seems to focus on the practice, a future of being an architect. Along with the projects various levels of research take place, but seem to be largely focus on executing theory, rather than generating: knowledge gained is often used to apply in design. Research done within the faculty is usually left unnoticed by the many Master’s students.

With this point of departure, ARGUS’ PhD Day tries to make visible the connection between research and education, and the relation between architectural practice and theory. The day offers a space to delve into the world of PhD’s, to give a focus on research within the student’s university education and tries to answer questions on how to start a PhD-trajectory in the first place.


PhD Day Committee 2016

Christian Maijstre, Stella Groenewoud, Monika Byra, Xie Hai, Noortje Weenink


PhD Day Committee 2015

Roely Rijpkema, Apurva Singh, Tom Thijssen