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Monthly Event #7 ARGUS X Writingplace: (Space ± Time) / Narrative


On 30th. – 31st March, ARGUS and Writingplace teamed up to organise a 2-day workshop and seminar on the topic of narrative imagination and perception in relation to architectural design. The seminar provided the theoretical foundation for the workshop.

Klaske Havik presented the new book that she co-edited: Writingplace, a diverse collection of academic and literary essays on literature and design. Wim van den Bergh, professor in architecture at RWTH Aachen University, did an intricate description of the projects and educational methods of John Hejduk, with whom he worked at Cooper Union. Bart Keunen, professor in comparative literature at Ghent University, laid out a theoretical framework on narrative imagination.

During the workshop, participants took their current projects or previous projects and used literary design methods to activate the narrative qualities of their design. For some participants, this meant to shift their perspective: one student wrote and performed a monologue as a forgotten colonial statue in Bogota, another wrote poems as a raindrop falling on a building, the buildings suddenly unfolding as a world of edges and surfaces to flow along. For other participants it meant to view their project in a specific scenario: an evening party in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway took off in the anti-chamber and living room of a MSc1 project.

If you’re interested in getting more information about literature and architecture, read more on Writingplace:

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  1. hello may i ask will the workshop held again this year? thank you

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