Ground For Discussion




The ‘Ground for Discussion’ is an open discussion organized by the 7 student associations in Faculty of Architecture: ARGUS, Polis, the Faculty Student Council (FSR), Bout, Boss, Geos and Stylos.

Hundreds of people working and studying at BK city pass each other in the hallways, meet each other over a cup of coffee in the espresso bar, talk over their projects and problems in studio spaces. Countless social interactions take place every day, all across the building. In a place as lively and social as the faculty of architecture at TU Delft, there is not one central meeting place, there are plenty.

However, some issues matter to every member, to each citizen of our BK city. Some issues and day-to-day problems may be discussed casually over lunch, but can only truly be addressed if many voices come together. If people that do not regularly meet each other -the one, perhaps, a cleaner, the other a professor- engage in open dialogue. If the intangible boundaries of language or department are temporarily lifted, making space to share experiences and ideas.

Ground For Discussion #1 Inclusiveness

The first Ground for Discussion revolved the topic ‘Inclusiveness’ in BK city. TU Delft as well as our faculty values diversity and intends to become an international institute, where a welcoming environment and equal opportunities are provided to students and professors for studying and working, regardless of their cultural backgrounds and gender. However, we notice that opinions from different groups of people vary on whether this is actually happening here.