GFD #2: Work Pressure

After a successful discussion on Inclusiveness in February, we opened up the topic of work pressure in GFD#2. Do we live in a working culture of stress? What are the collective sources of work pressure in our faculty – and does it affect us in a positive way or negative way? What attitude should we have toward it? Do we want how to change them and how?

On 6th June the second Ground for Discussion took place in the Orange Hall, evolving around the topic of Work Pressure. We were joined by various group of students and teachers, and also the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture.

The event was opened with a relaxing Taichi session from  by Fred Hobma, then the participants were divided into small group for in depth discussion on (the perception of) performance pressure among students and staff in our faculty. The event aimed to open the discussion on this topic, showing that it is of general importance. We hope it helped to further understanding between different groups within the faculty (students/teachers), which can help to alleviate perception of stress. We thanked the Members of Krashna Musika who closed the event with lovely live music.

The report of GFD #2 including results of the pre-survey will follow soon.

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