Core Team

The Core Team consists of a group of students that focus on the core organisation within ARGUS: They facilitate the ARGUS Open Meeting. They manage and share the knowledge built up by the former boards. They keep an overview of all ARGUS activities and have an eye on the year’s planning.

The Core Team manages the finances and structures the flow of information and knowledge within ARGUS. They use this to give assistance and help to the working groups:

  • Cloud with all necessary information and manuals
  • Calendar with deadlines (universiteitsfonds etc.)
  • Controlling finances and budget plan
  • Virtual presence: Website, Facebook and Instagram
  • Internal & external communication

This corresponds mostly to the responsibilities of the former chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

The Core Team meets weekly in open meetings to discuss current issues and prepare the upcoming Open Meeting.

At the moment these are Anna Grundmann, Lea Scholze and Jonas Langbein.

Lea is

At the moment the Core Team consists of three students Lea Scholze, Jonas Langbein and Anna Grundmann that share their tasks as following:

  • Lea Scholze  

As Chairwoman of ARGUS I will focus on the internal and external communication of ARGUS. Besides communicating with the Faculty, I am also responsible for communication with externals outside the scope of the University. E-mails that are working group specific or addressed to individuals within ARGUS will be forwarded to the common email account Besides the Communication aspects together with the other Core Members we will prepare the Open Meetings and be available for all the working groups if questions or difficulties arise. As a Group we produce Information Booklets on the various topics and prepare a smooth transition to the next Core Group.

  • Jonas Langbein

I will mainly focus on the former functions of the secretary which means facilitating internal communications and organisation within ARGUS. This includes keeping the channels of information updated but also taking the minutes at the Open Meetings and make them public to enable everyone to get informed about the activities within ARGUS. As some main access points to ARGUS I hope to make ARGUS with a personal and transparent communication accessible to everyone, old and new students, as well as people outside our Master Tracks.

  • Anna Grundmann

As Treasurer my main focus is to keep an overview on all financial aspects concerning ARGUS. In the beginning of the year a budget plan is setup in collaboration with the existing working groups to estimate the money that will be received, spent and invested throughout the year.