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PhD Day | Round Table Talks

Phd Poster Final corrected1To become a doctor, you first have to become a PhD student. At the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft are different PhD students, with different researches and different stories, but not always visible for master students. To connect the master students with the PhD students will be the goal for this PhD-day. Questions we would like to get answered at this day are; What makes it interesting for these PhD students to do a PhD? What is the role of a PhD student within the Faculty of Architecture and the Build Environment? What kind of research are they doing? Which topics are possible at the faculty of Architecture? What happens after doing a PhD?

At the round table talks you have the opportunity to talk to different PhD students about their experience and you can receive technical information.

ARGUS is organising this event as an introduction to the annual colloquium of PhD students on Tuesday the 22th of September.

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London Excursion 2015

ARGUS is back with a new expedition which will touch down in London this fall.

Expect small scale/big impact architecture. Expect below the surface workshops. Expect bringing a raincoat.

Costs for transportation and accommodation are estimated at a maximum of €300 per person. The trip will be during the second week of November.

Stay tuned for the introduction event on the 22nd of September and be sure to check back here or follow us on Facebook for more information. We will provide you with everything you need to know for joining in on this trip to the city you thought you knew but didn’t after all.

London Poster

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Night of the Philosophy 2015

night of the philosophy screensThis year’s Night of the Philosophy will be a debate on the theme: Subjective Aesthetics?

On this evening we want to reflect on the nature of the idea of aesthetics in architecture. We have noticed that the topic has become increasingly polarized. Aesthetics is often regarded as something individual and subjective. In education (in Delft) it is therefore often not valid as a design decision. In practice, also, clear pragmatic and rational design decisions prevail over more undefinable and ungraspable aesthetic considerations, due to efficiency of costs and organization of the process.

Five speakers with both a practical and theoretical background will give a short pitch of their vision regarding the topic. These pitches are followed by an informal discussion with the audience. Harm Tilman, editor in chief of the magazine ‘De Architect’ will be the moderator of the night.

We are happy to announce the following speakers:

Giovanna Carnevali – director of the Mies van der Rohe Foundation
Peg Rawes – senior lecturer at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Sascha Glasl – owner and co-founder of the office Space&Matter
Jurjen Zeinstra – acting associate professor at the Architecture of the Interior Chair, TU Delft and owner and co-founder of Zeinstra van Gelderen Architecten

The night will start at 20.00h at Art Gallery Kadmium Delft. We advise everybody to be there a bit earlier (19.30h) to have a good spot!

Tickets are 5 euro for non-members and 2,50 euro for Argus members. A drink is included!

Presale: friday 8/5, monday 11/5 and tuesday 12/5 during the lunchbreak in the main entrance hall, faculty of architecture. CASH ONLY
Doorsale: 19.30h, only when there are tickets left.

Make sure to get your ticket in time, since last year we were full!

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Argus is in search of the new board of ’15 -’16!

boardmembers 2015 website

At the beginning of the year Argus re-started as a quite unknown master student association. So, one of our goals for this year was to get on the radar of the Architecture master students of our faculty. Next to the introduction of a monthly paper, we organized a big variety of activities in order to accomplish this goal. A couple of highlights were our trip to the Venice Biennale in November, some really interesting monthly lectures and the Argus Arquiteturas film festival which took place last month. Even until the summer we have some great events coming up such as the Night of the Philosophy on the 12th of May and the Argus Expo on the 30th of June.

As you might have noticed, Argus is still growing every week thanks to our members and committees. As the current board of Argus, we would really like to see this continuing next year and the years after!

That’s why.. Argus is looking for new people who would like to join the board of ’15 – ’16! Argus has a part-time board (about 6 hours a week) which switches annually in September.

If you are interested or have any questions, please send your motivation to before the 17th of May.

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Argus – Arquiteturas – Film Festival Lisboa

Argus is hosting a Film Festival!

Every Thursday in April Argus is showing a series of award winning films from the LISBON FILM FESTIVAL in Portugal. Thanks to ‘Do You Mean Architecture’ we are able to bring these amazing films to BK, and we can’t wait to share them with you!
Each evening a grouping of three films will be shown that range in length, topic and location. The diverse group of winners highlights the possibilities of combining architecture and cinema and questions if one can really exist without the other.
The films are are of three genres: Fiction, Documentary and Experimental. In addition to many Portuguese films (all with English subtitles) there is a wide range of international films coming all the way from Finland to Spain. The films will start at 18h in ROOM R with a short introduction from a faculty member and will end with the opportunity for discussion.

So come join us for some great movies on Thursday nights in April. Drinks and popcorn will be available.

For more information about the films you can consult the fliers around school (and for your convenience, also included below).

Come to one, or come to all of them! We don’t care, we just hope to see you there!

Thursday April 9
Rua Da Estrada, White Chimney, and Precise Poetry- Lina Bo Bardi’s Architecture.

Thursday April 16
In Medias Res, The Singer, and The Column

Thursday April 23
Ashes, Bicicleta, and Houses for all

Thursday April 30
(and closing discussion/debate by Sofia Mourato).