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Become an ARGUS board member

As of today ARGUS, the architecture master student association, is looking for motivated students to strengthen the board!

The goal of ARGUS is to provide a platform in which students can critically reflect on and engage with the field of architecture as well as other fields connected to it.
As a member of the board you will be organizing activities and events that reflect that vision.
In the past we’ve organized activities such as an excursion exploring the works of Stirling, accompanied by Prof. Hans van Dijk; a Tarkovsky restrospective – investigating the relationship between architecture and cinema – in collaboration with the border conditions group. And currently we organize the excursion to and workshops at the Venice Biennale.
ARGUS is run by master students as a part time commitment which consists of a few hours a week. In general it works with a continuous board. This means that there is no collective board shift from one year to the other, but that members change throughout the year. This also means that there is no specific length of a board membership, but the minimum is a 12 months.
Are you passionate about exploring the many facets of architecture and do you want to  add a new dimension to your student experience, sign up for the ARGUS interest meeting by sending a mail to before the 28th of September.

We hope to see you soon!


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