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Every semester, many design and research projects are undertaken by master-students at the Faculty of Architecture of the TU Delft. A considerable number of designs, ideas and resources are developed within the context of the different studios. These projects, addressing a wide range of themes, display the great variety in the spectrum of our education and the genuine ambition and effort of it’s students. ARGUS Expo is a communal platform for students, architects, teachers and others; a place for inspiration, exchange and comparison.

At the end of each academic year, the ARGUS Expo will be displaying a selection of the most remarkable or innovative projects from each (Msc 1, Msc 2 and Msc 3&4) Architecture studio, in a yearbook, lectures and exhibition at the faculty of Architecture. We believe that in exposing the diversity of these projects lies a great potential for inter-studio debate and the sharing of gained knowledge.

By organizing ARGUS Expo, we aim to give the studios a chance to show what they have been up to and to display a selection of their projects among those of other studios. The Expo offers students the opportunity to have their work being presented, published and exhibited to a wider public at the Faculty of Architecture. It will help students to orientate themselves for the following semester and finally it aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences between students and teachers.

ARGUS EXPO 2016/2017

On June 7th 2017 is the pre-event for ARGUS EXPO 2017, when the pre-order of ARGUS Annual will be launched. The official exhibition of the ARGUS EXPO 2016/2017 will start on September 4th, where for students, sponsors, architects and teachers are all invited. Further information on the selection criteria and the program for the opening event will follow later.


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