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what was polderwalking?

What was polderwalking?

polderwalking is situating yourself in a familiar environment in an unfamiliar way

It is also rediscovering the landscape through inhabiting it consciously

Undiscover – coldness, numbness, rational, (un) logical space for property exxtraction production

The cold seeps into you and makes you part of the polder landscape, searching for familiarity & order in the productive landscape

The landscape in turn feeds into your body, becoming, coming-into-being parts of you, straight, curvy, steep, shallow.

We walked in a landscape of birds, terraforming, voyeurism, cartography, colonial violence, culture…

Not thinking but feeling, not being but doing with others in the habitat that we live in yet never see

collective writing, January 2019. Nicole, Catherine Setareh, Maarten, Nikolas, Ruby, Tom, Aska.

photographs by Rita Liao, Saskia de Wit, Tom Hilsee and Catherine Koekoek

thank you for talking and walking with us: Armina Pilav, Saskia de Wit and Daphne Bakker

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