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View & Overview – Debate on architecture (year)books and criticism

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Texts, images and ideas about architecture are today omnipresent. Through websites, blogs, platforms and interest groups we are continuously informed about ideas, developments and controversies concerning the built environment. Professionals as well as non- professionals generate a never- ending stream of information on projects and buildings. Within this cloud of ‘big data’ the publication of a yearbook seems like an archaic venture; a last convulsion of what Victor Hugo once called the largest event in history.

In this debate we want to explore the role of a (year)book within the broader landscape of architectural criticism. Which role does such a book play within architectural culture; apologetic or rather explorative? How does the slowness of the yearbook relates to the temporalities of other forms of criticism? Is such a book an exercise of convergence within architectural culture or rather an attempt to surface multiplicity and divergence? What role does a (year)book play within architectural practice and education?

Christoph Grafe
Aslı Çiçek
Caroline Voet
Oswald Devisch
Hans van der Heijden
Linda Vlassenrood
Edwin Oostmeijer
Tom Avermaete
Marina van den Bergen
Bernard Hulsman
Pieter T’Jonck
Dirk Somers

Hans Teerds

Do you want to participate in this debate and do you have an interesting question in mind? Let us know! We are looking for two or more students to ask questions at this debate. You can mail us at

Join us for a debate on Thursday March 12th at 16:00h in Room K.

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