Venice Biennale 2016



From November 24th. to 27th., the yearly ARGUS excursion went to the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale. Fifty students from TU Delft and ETH Zürich explored the invisible histories of the Biennale.

During the intensive three-day workshop, which was accompanied by two tutors — Sam de Vocht and Sereh Mandias — from TU Delft, we learned the invisible  history of  the Giardini, and were guided to write fictional histories of non-present National Pavilions. The workshop was concluded with an panel discussion with curator Alejandro Aravena and four other talented architects/artists on the topic “Conflicts”.

Radio Venezia I Invisible Histories I Exhibition

Take a look in exhibition in Orange Hall, BK City, TU Delft. Together we investigate the possibility of a further densification of this Venetian landscape through text, image and sound!

Listen to the radio here!