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UPDATE for Bouwkunde at Venice Biennale


The excursion of a week to Venice, including the biennale session of the Delft School of Design is expanded.

The Delft School of Design now will be collaborating with two other universities in the biennale session project. At the moment of writing, Bauhaus / Dessau Institute of Architecture is one of them. This will result in an even more interesting biennale session in which the students that join the trip will participate. Lectures and workshops of the different universities are planned.
Besides this, there is also the opportunity to meet other universities that organise a biennale session. See the website of the biennale for the list of universities that join the biennale session project.

Due to this expansion of the program, the date of the trip is now scheduled for:

15th October till October 21st

For more information go the the Bouwkunde at Venice Bienalle page

If you have any questions email us at:

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