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The Rapper’s Mansion Competition

This is a open call for propostions for a themed exposition on popular culture and theology that will take place in a gallery in Lausanne, Switzerland in May 2013.

The context is unusual since the intention is to expose the propositions as art pieces in a gallery. We are asking to design a habitat inspired by the mansion iconography and in particular, the Rapper’s Mansion. In the 90’s, the mansion became a popular asset for celebrity rappers, many acquired these prestigious dwellings. The goal here is to design an ideal habitat that fits both the idea of the gargantuan celebrity home and a celestial place that could exist in a religious manuscript. The intention of the open call is to explore the fictitious propositions and the most original project will be exhibited. All forms are allowed for submission: written, illustrations, images, photography, models, etc.

The jury will distinguish a work that will be communicated on the 5th of May, 2013.

Conditions of Participation:
The competition is open to all and the works can be submitted by individuals or teams.

Must contain the following:
– A specific description of the concept.
– The name of the author(s), as well as their date of birth, their training and nationality.
– They must be sent by e-email to, if they contain images they must be no bigger than 72dpi. If the candidate
is selected he/she will be asked to send the submission by mail.

– 30th of April deadline
– 5th of May announcement of winners
– 25th Opening

Methods and expectations:
The only constraint is that a particular attention must be made to correlate hip-hop’s visual culture and religious myth. The format of
submission is free, they can take any form: written, illustrations, images, photography, models, etc… to describe the project as best as
possible. In the case of a model please send pictures documenting the object in a jpeg format at 72 dpi.
The dimensions are open as well, however the candidates should be aware that the propositions must be exposed in a physical space,
therefore limited. The organisers reserve the right to reproduce the propositions and exposed them.

Additional elements on the exihibition:
The works shown during the exhibit have been produced in collaboration with international artists and explore the same thematic
through a variety of media: sculptures, painting, textile and projections.
The exhibition space will be communicated on May 5th 2013.

The jury is composed of individuals from both the academic and professional world of architecture and visual arts.

The organisers reserve the right to reproduce the propositions in editorial and advertising instances. All reproduction will be caption
with the author’s name. The proposition itself will have the possibility to be sold if the author decides so, in this case, the author will
receive 60% of the sale.

For all inquiries please contact

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