GFD #1 Inclusiveness



The first Ground For Discussion on ‘Inclusiveness’ was successfully held on 28th February.

TU Delft as well as our faculty values diversity and intends to become an international institute, where a welcoming environment and equal opportunities are provided to students and professors for studying and working, regardless of their cultural backgrounds and gender. However, we notice that opinions from different groups of people vary on whether this is actually happening here.

We were joined by a diverse group of students, employees and professors. The discussion started with an informal report concluding information we collected from interviews and a survey conducted before the event. After a short-time panel discussion, the participants were randomly divided into 6 to 8 person/group to have in-depth discussion on critical issues. We want to thank you all for being there with us! Following the event articles and booklet will be produced to continuing sharing the discussion in BK.

Dealing with diversity is hard, and requires much more work, mutual understanding, respect and most importantly an open attitude from everyone involved! We hope the end of the event is not the end of the Discussion! Share your experience in Room for Discussion with your friends and strangers. And let’s carry on further on the road towards a more inclusive BK City!

Organizers: Catherine Koekoek, XIE Hai(ARGUS), Nihat Mert Ogut (BouT),  Meryam Ajari (FSR), Ijsbrand Heeringa (Polis).

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