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Photography & Architecture : Willem van den Hoed [12-12-’12]

In the second session of the Photography & Architecture series, ARGUS proudly presents Willem van den Hoed as lecturer and guide for the intense workshop on Wednesday December 12th.

Willem van den Hoed has studied architecture at the faculty of architecture in Delft from, finishing his Masters degree in interior architecture. During the end of this period of time he was already teaching at the Willem de Kooning Academy and at the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam.
Besides teaching van den Hoed has had his own architectural firm, during which he also started pursuing a career in photography, and has been a full-time photographic artist since he quit the architectural firm in 2003.

The main goal van den Hoed strives for is creating graphically astonishing photo-realistic prints which have been exhibited in numerous galleries, and have been reviewed in multiple publications.
Van den Hoed is known for creating some of the most highly detailed photo compilations ever made, he calls timescapes. These timescapes are combinations of numerous photos creating compositions “forming [mysterious/enigmatic] realities that are obviously based on existing locations but are otherwise new realities.”

In his lecture he will be giving an insight in his workflow, methods and goals based on one of his latest projects by the name of ‘Tarra’ (the difference between Net and Gross). The difference between the reality the artist encounters and the reality displayed/created by the artist in the corresponding work.

During the workshop students are actively engaging in the way Willem van den Hoed looks at architecture, photography
and especially these two combined in the theme ‘manipulation’.

For this workshop we expect all participants to bring a laptop that runs Photoshop without any issues, as well as
corresponding adapter and a computer mouse.

Program for the 12th of December
Lecture                     Berlage Zaal                       12:30 – 13:45                     free of charge
Workshop               Berlage Zaal                       13:45 – 18:00                     10 €
Dinner                                                                      18:00 – 22:00                   (not included in workshop fee)

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A highly interesting interview with Willem van den Hoed during a visual radio show called ‘De avonden’ (English subs)

More information and work by Willem van den Hoed can be found on his personal website:

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