PhD Day 2015


The PhD Day in 2015 was hold during the lunch break and hold as round table talks. A couple of PhD students introduced themselves. After this the master students talked to the PhD students. These talks were informal and easily accessible for the master students. They talked for an hour, but this was not enough for some of the master- and PhD-students and they were still talked afterwards in the hallway.

The event was in 2015 organised with a connection to the colloquium of the PhD students on Tuesday the 22th of September. The event was organised a couple of days before this colloquium, namely Friday the 18th of September.


ACHILLEAS PSYLLIDIS (Chair of Hyperbody, Area of Research: Computation & Performance)

NEGAR SANAAN BENSI (Chair of Public Building, Area of Research: Design and History)

ESIN KÖMEZ (Chair of Public Building)

STAVROS KOUSOULAS (PhD candidate at IUAV Venice Villard d’ Honnecourt International, Research Doctorate)