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For our fourth monthly event ARGUS is promoting the reflection on how cities built from scratch can be designed for prosperity. The case of Rotterdam is used as a trigger for further debate after the screening of the Rotterdam 2040 documentary.
Bakema introduced the problem of The Heart of the City in the CIAM 8 congress (1951). As a kind of provocation, the architect de ned the core as “the relationship between man and the things”, that when manifested reflect the lavishness of life as a consequence of cooperative action. The non-orchestrated behaviour of people in the major central squares of many European cities are outstanding examples of how life is celebrated in a well composed city centre, but what happens when cities lack such a historical attachment to its squares? What if planned cities, like the new towns in the United Kingdom, fail to establish a successful interaction between its citizens and its supposed core?

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Monthly Paper #2

Within the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, the Architecture track and its education seems to focus on the practice, a future of being an architect. Along with the projects various levels of research take place, but seem to be largely focus on executing theory, rather than generating: knowledge gained is often used to apply in design. Research done within the faculty is usually left unnoticed by the many Master’s students.

With this point of departure, ARGUS’ PhD Day tries to make visible the connection between research and education, and the relation between architectural practice and theory. The day offers a space to delve into the world of PhD’s, promoting a focus on research within the student’s university education and tries to answer questions on how to start a PhD-trajectory in the first place.

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Venice Biennale 2016 Application


ARGUS is announcing its excursion to the Venice Architecture Biennale from November 23rd till 27th of 2016. Joined by a teacher and in cooperation with another university, the aim is to stimulate an inter-cultural debate within a 3-day workshop revolving around the topic “Reporting from the Front”.

If you want to broaden your horizon and meet new people, be sure to register before October 6th!

You can apply here:


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ARGUS Architecture Annual

ARGUS Architecture Annual Pre-sale

A considerable number of inspiring designs, ideas and resources are developed within the context of all the different studios from the master of Architecture at the TU Delft. The fast paced nature of the studio system, see’s much of the work produced go unseen and forgotten.

We want to make the unseen images visible, and root the forgotten projects in our memories, by publishing the first Argus Architecture Annual. The Argus Architecture Annual will show the most remarkable, inspiring and ambitious master Architecture projects from the academic year of 2015-2016. 60 selected projects from msc1, msc2 and msc4 projects are documented in this new yearbook.

Exposing the diversity of these projects provides a great potential for inter-studio debate and the sharing of gained knowledge. Students who have to choose their future studios can get a good impression of the different methods and approaches, graduates can have souvenir from their last academic years and future students exploring the possibilities of an architectural master get to see the creme de la creme of our master of Architecture at the TU Delft. State of the art projects in a state of the art yearbook. Because our projects are something we can be proud of.

The 2015-2016 Annual will be on sale from September, but you can get a discount if you sign up now for the pre-sale. 220 pages full-colour, 60 selected projects. The normal price will be €20,-, but if you pre-order your book now, you can get it for €15,-. The Pre-sale will be from 22/6 until 29/6, from 12.00 until 14.00 at the entrance of BK City.

Check out the Issuu preview here.

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