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Night(s) of Philosophy: Post-anthropocene – blog!

The Night of Philosophy: post-anthropocene working group have started a blog! We will be collectively updating weekly over the year, with reflections on the matter we encounter as we plan our events. The written posts, and our instagram are part of our working process, an everyday space for thinking about the ecologies we are embedded within. This practice intertwines with our small events, and the main ‘night of philosophy’ itself.

As Night(s) of Philosophy, this year we concern ourselves with (unstable) questions of the post-anthropocene, and the role of the Architect. Naming the profession as a discipline of world-ordering, we recognise that architects have and do play a detrimental role in the instrumentalisation of all living and non-living beings. We want to make space for discussion and engagement within the faculty and beyond – and the blog is one of many!

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