Night of Philosophy

The 2018|2019 Night(s) of Philosophy will revolve around the theme “post-anthropocene”. Leading up to the Night of Philosophy, we will organise a series of smaller events. The first will be a polderland-walk taking place on Saturday 15 December. You can follow our process and think with us on our blog, where we post on a weekly basis, and on our instagram.

The Night of the Philosophy is a night of reflection on a theme that touches the fields of Architecture and Philosophy. Our ambitions are to broaden the audience and speakers their field of knowledge by reflecting upon the theme in a philosophical as well as architectural way and to create an informal discussion that allows everybody to participate and form their own questions. The night is not meant to answer questions or solve dilemmas located during the night, but to raise awareness on the theme and its different perspectives and most probably to raise more questions. During the Night of Philosophy, five speakers with both a practical and theoretical background will give a short pitch of their vision regarding a certain topic. These pitches are followed by an informal discussion with the audience.

Night of Philosophy 2017: About [Us]: Architecture and Collective Identity in the Contemporary City

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