Night of Philosophy 2016

The 2016 edition of the Night of Philosophy was called: ‘Place(less): Place and Identity in a Globalised World’.

Place is so deeply embedded in our daily routines and lives that we hardly take time and think about it. Now that we are surrounded by images of the displacement of refugees, expats and world-travelling students, it becomes interesting to ask ourselves about what it means to have, or lose a place. Furthermore the topic of place could  also be approached from an intimate and personal experience. The landscapes of our youths, the spaces where we grew up, the moments of joy are as memories often intertwined with memories of specific places. Last but not least, place also forms the ground of the architectural practice – quite literally. On this evening, guided by a philosopher, artist and a sociologist, we searched for a deeper understanding of place. How are identity and social relations connected to places?

Our speakers with both a practical and theoretical background gave a short pitch of their vision regarding the topic. These pitches were followed by an informal discussion with the audience and the invited panel. Nelson Mota, assistant professor at the TU Delft was our moderator for the evening.

The speakers of the 2016 edition of the Night of Philosophy were:

dr. Jacob Voorthuis, associate professor Philosophy in Architecture, TU Eindhoven, NL
dr. Julia Bennett, senior lecturer sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Jasper Coppes, visual artist, NL/UK

The debate panel consisted out of the speakers and the following guests:

Mark Pimlott (TU Delft), Alper Alkan (TU Delft), Bart de Klerk (Motiv), Jurrian Arnold (Motiv)


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