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Monthly Paper #2

Within the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, the Architecture track and its education seems to focus on the practice, a future of being an architect. Along with the projects various levels of research take place, but seem to be largely focus on executing theory, rather than generating: knowledge gained is often used to apply in design. Research done within the faculty is usually left unnoticed by the many Master’s students.

With this point of departure, ARGUS’ PhD Day tries to make visible the connection between research and education, and the relation between architectural practice and theory. The day offers a space to delve into the world of PhD’s, promoting a focus on research within the student’s university education and tries to answer questions on how to start a PhD-trajectory in the first place.

Join us on Thursday 3rd of November for ARGUS PhD Day to find the answers.

From 12:45pm in room E a lunch lecture and a panel discussion will take place concerning the following topics:
– practical information about doing PhD
– education versus research and how we can make explicit their relation
– research versus practice – how can a PhD enhance your skills as an architect?

We hope to see you there!

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