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[NEW DATE: Nov 14 -17] Join the Ruhr Roadtrip now!

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We have all had moments in which we were amazed by the impact of atmosphere on our persona and our feelings, in many cases given shape by architecture. As we depend heavily on our visual sense, light is maybe the most important factor in the creating of sublime atmospheres, but how do architects incorporate this into their designs? Through space, open versus closed ratio, surface relief, material choice or maybe opening hours and the time of day?

During a four day trip (November 14th until November 17th) we will try to give insight in the usage and manipulation of natural and artificial light in a selection amazing buildings, of which you can find the preliminary trip-list below. As well as going to some of these amazing places, there is also space in the excursion for design objects which are very interesting but not specifically related to the theme, from modern architecture (MIK) to industrial design (RDDM).

All three nights will be spent in Cologne.
The costs for the trip will be 220 Euro per person. This includes al hostels, breakfasts, museum entry fees and travel/transport costs.




Museum de Pont (Tilburg)
, Installation by Chriso. (Oberhausen)
Museum Küppersmuhle fur Moderne Kunst, Architecture by Herzog & de Meuron. (Duisburg)
Lehmbruck museum, architecture by Manfred Lehmbruck. (Duisburg)
Mies in Krefeld, Architecture by Mies vd Rohe. (Krefeld)
Zollverein School of management and design, Architecture by SANAA. (Essen).
Ruhrmuseum, Architecture and urban planning by OMA. (Essen)
Red Dot Design museum, Quality industrial design. (Essen)
Folkwang museum, Architecture by Chipperfield. (Essen)
(Thyssenkrupp HQ, design by JSWD architekten. (Essen)
Kirche st Andreas, architecture by Rudolf Schwarz. (Essen)
Mariendom, architecture by Gottfried Böhm. (Neviges)
(Suspension railway stations, architecture by JSWD architekten. (Wuppertal))
Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst, James Turrell a.o. (Unna)
Insel Hombroich museum, pavilions by Tadao Ando a.o. (Neuss)
Kolumba museum, Architecture by Peter Zumthor. (Cologne)
Museum für Angewandte Kunst (MAKK), Architecture by Rudolf Schwarz & Joseph Bernard. (Cologne)
Bruder Klaus feldkapelle, Architecture by Peter Zumthor. (Wachendorf)
Abby St. Benedictusberg, Architecture by Dom van der Laan. (Aachen)
Fronleichnamskirche, Architecture by Rudolf Schwarz. (Aachen)

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