Freed From Design

In collaboration with Holland Festival, ARGUS invited åyr at our faculty in the occasion of their latest installation ‘’I’d Rather Be Outside’’, co-commissioned by both Stedelijk Museum and Holland Festival.

On 8th of June, Fabrizio Ballabio, Luis Ortega Govela and Octave Perrault gave us a lecture on innovation in the building technologies and how åyr ’s work impacts urban and domestic architecture. ‘’I’d Rather Be Outside’’, (a title taken from a song) is a discussion on the industry and its relation to the housing crisis. Coloured 3D printable fragments of poems negotiate the relationship between public and private on Amsterdam’s Museum Square.

The art collective from London has drawn attention with their presence in the 14th Biennale of architecture of Venice (AIRBNB pavilion) and continued with a series of installations investigating contemporary forms of domesticity.

If you’re interested in learning more about åyr: