ARGUS EXPO 2015/2016



Time: 7th. – 19th. September 2016

Location: Orange Hall & BK EXPO, BK City, Delft

The opening of the ARGUS Expo 2015/2016 was simultaneously an exciting event where students’ works were recognized during a get-together of professors, practitioners, alumni and fellow students and where the ARGUS Annual were officially be launched. An overview of the Master of Architecture was created, giving a reflection on the past academic year and its events. It marked a great and inspiring start of a new academic year full of energy and enthusiasm.


It started with an opening speech by Professor Dick van Gameren, the head of the Department of Architecture, who was followed by three presentations on selected projects by students from various studios. The presentations showed an overview of the diversity provided by our master programme and the different approaches adopted by our students. After the presentations, Dick van Gameren proudly opened the launch of the very first ARGUS Annual. It also officially opened the Expo, which was greatly enjoyed by students, sponsors, architects and academics. The Expo opened the debate towards students’ work and the role of architects and architecture in our society. The EXPO opening closed with an inspiring exchange of knowledge, ideas, and opinions.