ARGUS X BNA: Future Professions in Architecture

Event Details

ARGUS is collaborating with BNA (association of Dutch architecture firms) to discuss future profession(s) in architecture. In a critical discussion with students, academics and practitioners, questions will be raised on education and practice, architecture and diversity, design, discourse and (inter)disciplinarity – and other issues that you might want to raise.

The evening revolves around the ‘Next Step Program’, a competition organised by BNA and project development agency Synchroon.

Join us on the 15th of February to exchange thoughts on the profession we are all part of. You are also welcome to submit questions that will be asked during the evening on themes like education – practice/business – discourse/platforms – gender – tools – disciplinarity – history through Drinks and snacks will be available. Registration is not required.

Carola Hein (professor history of architecture, TU Delft)

Doors open at 17:30.