London excursion

From the 25th till the 29th of November, Architecture Students Association ARGUS hosted an excursion to London. With a group of 30 students we explored a range of architecture projects varying in scale and social impact. This exploration took place in the form of experiments conducted on site. Hereby the students reached out to all means possible for the sake of understanding what consequences selected projects have on their immediate surroundings. The main goal of this exercise was to challenge the participants in the way they think about architecture but also to form a non-definitive ideology in which they believe. Finally these phases were integrated in a manifesto written by the students themselves.

The work will be exhibited at the Oostserre of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment from the 4th of January till the 15th of January. More info will follow soon.

Committee members 2015
Rogier Franssen (Chairman/PR))
Tiemen Anema (Activities/Acquisition)
Vera Kuipers (Logistics/Finance)
Eline Degenaar (board 2015 / 2016)


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