Every year ARGUS designs and publishes a yearbook alongside an exhibition showcasing the most representative and inspiring master projects from each studio offered within the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. The tasks of the ARGUS Expo & Annual Working Group primarily lie within the Cover Design as well as the decision process for all recommended projects as well as the compiling of the chosen projects in one consecutive document. The layout of the book is mainly kept and filled in by the represented students themselves. The celebratory yearbook and the accompanying exhibition are composed entirely by the students of the faculty for the benefit of their peers, to give them an inspirational overview of all the diverse opportunities that Delft School of Architecture and the Build Environment has to offer. As the Architecture Department also publishes a yearbook displaying research in addition to the students work, discussions have started to find ways of collaboration in order to publish a joined book of ARGUS and the Architecture Department as of the academic year 2018/19.

For this year’s edition in cooperation with the department we are looking for editors who are interested in re-working the existing design and experiment what format fits the best to be both a students’ and the department’s book.

EXPO& ANNUAL 2017/2018:

Polly Bruchlos

Onusa Charuwanna

Maria Heinrich

Hsuan-Ya Kao

Jonas Langbein

Silvia Leone

Haozhuo Li

Amelie Pretsch

Elena Rossoni

Lea Scholze

EXPO& ANNUAL 2016/2017:

Ellen Chang

Ditte Gerding

Jade Appleton

Xie Hai

Tomiris Kupzhassarova

Stef Dingen

Margot de Man

EXPO& ANNUAL 2015/2016

Floor Hoogenboezem

Leonie Boelens

Lina Peng

Aidan Conway

Kevin Westerveld

Ines Hemmings



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