ARGUS People and Committees


ARGUS is directed by 6 students on a part-time and voluntary basis. The board manages 5 committees. They are:


Expo & Annual Committee

ARGUS Excursion Committee

Night of Philosophy Committee

Monthly Event Committee

Expressive Committee

(PhD-Day Committee existed before Year 2016/2017)


In each committee, one board member is responsible for the quality control of the work done by the committee, and helps the committee in organizing its tasks. Each committee is free to come up with new initiatives, and the board member supports the committee under the year’s theme of ‘BOLD Initiatives’.

Are you interested in joining a committee? This is your chance: we are now recruiting !
You can register for a membership here, tick the boxes of the committees you are interested in, and we will be in touch.
Do you have any questions? Drop by our office (Bg.Oost.500), send us an email or a message on our Facebook page!