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Venice Biennale 2016 Application


ARGUS is announcing its excursion to the Venice Architecture Biennale from November 23rd till 27th of 2016. Joined by a teacher and in cooperation with another university, the aim is to stimulate an inter-cultural debate within a 3-day workshop revolving around the topic “Reporting from the Front”.

If you want to broaden your horizon and meet new people, be sure to register before October 6th!

You can apply here:


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ARGUS Architecture Annual

ARGUS Architecture Annual Pre-sale

A considerable number of inspiring designs, ideas and resources are developed within the context of all the different studios from the master of Architecture at the TU Delft. The fast paced nature of the studio system, see’s much of the work produced go unseen and forgotten.

We want to make the unseen images visible, and root the forgotten projects in our memories, by publishing the first Argus Architecture Annual. The Argus Architecture Annual will show the most remarkable, inspiring and ambitious master Architecture projects from the academic year of 2015-2016. 60 selected projects from msc1, msc2 and msc4 projects are documented in this new yearbook.

Exposing the diversity of these projects provides a great potential for inter-studio debate and the sharing of gained knowledge. Students who have to choose their future studios can get a good impression of the different methods and approaches, graduates can have souvenir from their last academic years and future students exploring the possibilities of an architectural master get to see the creme de la creme of our master of Architecture at the TU Delft. State of the art projects in a state of the art yearbook. Because our projects are something we can be proud of.

The 2015-2016 Annual will be on sale from September, but you can get a discount if you sign up now for the pre-sale. 220 pages full-colour, 60 selected projects. The normal price will be €20,-, but if you pre-order your book now, you can get it for €15,-. The Pre-sale will be from 22/6 until 29/6, from 12.00 until 14.00 at the entrance of BK City.

Check out the Issuu preview here.

and keep updated on the news here.

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ARGUS Night of Philosophy 10.06.2016

Eventbrite picture

This year’s Night of Philosophy is concerned with the topic of Place and Placelessness. Its general connotation has expanded beyond the discipline of human geography to merge with architecture’s praxis. “Place is now, and has ever been, part of our practice: the site of a building, dwelling, historical memory. It will be held upcoming Friday 10th of June and commence at 20:00.

Place is so deeply embedded in our daily routines/lives that we hardly take time and think about it. Now that we are surrounded by images of displacement of refugees, expats and world-travelling students, it becomes interesting to ask ourselves about what it means to have, or lose a place. Therefore the theme of this year’s Night of Philosophy will be: Place(less): Place and Identity in a Globalized World.

On this evening, guided by a philosopher, artist and a sociologist, we search for a deeper understanding of place. How are identity and social relations connected to places? We would like to address these questions and afterwards leave with more questions unanswered.

Our speakers with both a practical and theoretical background will give a short pitch of their vision regarding the topic. These pitches are followed by an informal discussion with the audience. Nelson Mota, assistant professor at the TU Delft will be our moderator for the evening.

We’re happy to announce the following speakers:
dr. Jacob Voorthuis, associate professor Philosophy in Architecture, TU Eindhoven, NL
dr. Julia Bennett, senior lecturer sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Jasper Coppes, visual artist, NL/UK

– Online Tickets available through:

– Hard-copy Tickets will  be sold this week at the Main Entrance of the Faculty during Lunch.

ARGUS-members: 4€
Regular students: 5€
Non-students: 7.50€

Are you a student, but not a member yet?
for 19€ you can get a student-membership and admission.


The location of the event is DOK Centrum, Delft.

Feel free to come a little early (around 19.30h) so you can find a spot and/or enjoy a drink.

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ARGUS Board 2016/2017 Application Deadline

Board Interest Registration

Board Interest Registration

ARGUS is looking for new board members!

Are you interested in doing something more at the faculty than just studying? Would you like to organize architectural related activities? Curious about how it is to get into contact with academics and practitioners in the field of architecture? Then becoming a board member of ARGUS, the architecture master study association of TU Delft, is the solution for you.

The board membership is part-time, about one day per week, which means you can continue your own studies next to it without any problems. The board will consist of six master architecture students, who will all have their specific function within the board. The term officially begins next September and lasts through the academic year.

If you are curious for more information, feel free to stop by our office BG.OOST.500, contact us here or at We’d be glad to discuss with you the specifics of being involved.

Apply here:

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London Excursion 2015

ARGUS is back with a new expedition which will touch down in London this fall.

Expect small scale/big impact architecture. Expect below the surface workshops. Expect bringing a raincoat.

Costs for transportation and accommodation are estimated at a maximum of €300 per person. The trip will be during the second week of November.

Stay tuned for the introduction event on the 22nd of September and be sure to check back here or follow us on Facebook for more information. We will provide you with everything you need to know for joining in on this trip to the city you thought you knew but didn’t after all.

London Poster