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Introducing: Springtime Weekend Bike Trips

With the 2021 spring equinox coming up this Saturday, March 20, we are launching a new section in our weekly posts – Springtime Weekend Bike Trips!!

The first one is the Bridge in Schipluiden – Vlietland nature area Loop starting from Delft, which takes 2 hours for the round-trip.

For the detailed trip and an interactive map to follow during your journey follow this link >>

And for motivation..

whoever completes the trip and sends us their favourite photo(s) as proof will receive a free annual of their choice!!

Check out the images below for inspo:

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Thursday Reading suggestion:

Anticipating Fabulous Futures

by Isabelle Doucet

Take a closer look at what it means to progress, through Cedric Price’s Ducklands project in Hamburg.

Cedric Price Architects, Ducklands proposal , Hamburg, 1989–1991, skyline montage showing structures to be demolished. Courtesy Cedric Price fonds, Canadian Centre for Architecture.

Follow the link >>

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This Tuesday’s movie:

This Tuesday, we are continuing the city walk theme of the week with Woody Allen’s ‘MANHATTAN’ (1979) – bustling with exquisite black and white shots of Manhattan, this movie is a love letter to the city and walking. What are your favorite movies centered around the aesthetic of the urban realm? Leave a comment or DM us on Instagram.

Find the link below ..

Woody Allen’s MANHATTAN

Follow the youtube link >>

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#4 Back to Delirious

For our fourth monthly event ARGUS is promoting the reflection on how cities built from scratch can be designed for prosperity. The case of Rotterdam is used as a trigger for further debate after the screening of the Rotterdam 2040 documentary.
Bakema introduced the problem of The Heart of the City in the CIAM 8 congress (1951). As a kind of provocation, the architect de ned the core as “the relationship between man and the things”, that when manifested reflect the lavishness of life as a consequence of cooperative action. The non-orchestrated behaviour of people in the major central squares of many European cities are outstanding examples of how life is celebrated in a well composed city centre, but what happens when cities lack such a historical attachment to its squares? What if planned cities, like the new towns in the United Kingdom, fail to establish a successful interaction between its citizens and its supposed core?

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Monthly Paper #2

Within the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, the Architecture track and its education seems to focus on the practice, a future of being an architect. Along with the projects various levels of research take place, but seem to be largely focus on executing theory, rather than generating: knowledge gained is often used to apply in design. Research done within the faculty is usually left unnoticed by the many Master’s students.

With this point of departure, ARGUS’ PhD Day tries to make visible the connection between research and education, and the relation between architectural practice and theory. The day offers a space to delve into the world of PhD’s, promoting a focus on research within the student’s university education and tries to answer questions on how to start a PhD-trajectory in the first place.

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ARGUS Night of Philosophy 10.06.2016

Eventbrite picture

This year’s Night of Philosophy is concerned with the topic of Place and Placelessness. Its general connotation has expanded beyond the discipline of human geography to merge with architecture’s praxis. “Place is now, and has ever been, part of our practice: the site of a building, dwelling, historical memory. It will be held upcoming Friday 10th of June and commence at 20:00.

Place is so deeply embedded in our daily routines/lives that we hardly take time and think about it. Now that we are surrounded by images of displacement of refugees, expats and world-travelling students, it becomes interesting to ask ourselves about what it means to have, or lose a place. Therefore the theme of this year’s Night of Philosophy will be: Place(less): Place and Identity in a Globalized World.

On this evening, guided by a philosopher, artist and a sociologist, we search for a deeper understanding of place. How are identity and social relations connected to places? We would like to address these questions and afterwards leave with more questions unanswered.

Our speakers with both a practical and theoretical background will give a short pitch of their vision regarding the topic. These pitches are followed by an informal discussion with the audience. Nelson Mota, assistant professor at the TU Delft will be our moderator for the evening.

We’re happy to announce the following speakers:
dr. Jacob Voorthuis, associate professor Philosophy in Architecture, TU Eindhoven, NL
dr. Julia Bennett, senior lecturer sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Jasper Coppes, visual artist, NL/UK

– Online Tickets available through:

– Hard-copy Tickets will  be sold this week at the Main Entrance of the Faculty during Lunch.

ARGUS-members: 4€
Regular students: 5€
Non-students: 7.50€

Are you a student, but not a member yet?
for 19€ you can get a student-membership and admission.


The location of the event is DOK Centrum, Delft.

Feel free to come a little early (around 19.30h) so you can find a spot and/or enjoy a drink.