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BK @ Venice Biennale Exhibition


As of today, December 17, the exhibition of the workshop and excursion to the Venice Biennale is open in the Oost.Serre of the faculty, and will remain so until the January 11. All student work is exposed in text, image and is linked to other forms of presentation.

Many thanks to all participants, Tutors: Deborah Hauptmann, Arie Graafland, Marc Boumeester and Andrej Radman, the Venice Excursion committee: Alise Jekabsone, Anne Geenen, Michela Mattioni, Thomas Broos, Tijmen Gombert (argus) and Bo Hoogenberk (argus), as well as the Venice Exhibition committee: Michela Mattioni, Willem Baalbergen, Tijmen Gombert (argus) and Koen Hoofd (argus)

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