BIENNALE WORKSHOP GROUP 9: The Venice Architecture Biennale 2012 as “Common Ground”?

Martje Roks
Marianne Neijts
Anton Zoetmulder
Jonathan Telkamp
Andrej Proshevski

While roaming around the grounds of the Giardini and the Arsenale, an enormous amount of information is trying to find its way into our brain.

All this information is gathered by Chipperfield’s theme “Common Ground”.  Although there was this theme and therefore a filter, we came to the conclusion that the theme wasn’t enough of a filter to understand the fragments and its whole. Is was more a battle between them, where even the fragments in itself were fragmented.

This constant battle, where the fragments were also trying to become a whole, ultimately led to the experience of overkill of information.

Therefore the necessity arose to filter in order to actually understand the environment. Unintentionally, this led to some sort of a super filter, which ignored all information that didn’t seem fitting at first glance and made us only experience what seemed valuable at that moment itself.  This super filter led to a strong abstraction of things, in which this abstraction became our own reality.

By abstracting our framed experience in image without sound and sound without image, the abstraction was getting to the emotional underpinning we all share. There was a sense of recognition that’s indefinite yet ecstatic at the same time. It reaches a place without predefining that place, the frame of the image + the total of framed images/sounds of different people. It becomes a new starting point for the beholder. The abstracted images/sounds connect to earlier fragments, dreams, images of the beholder and thus is able to create a whole new story of its own.

It continually remakes itself.

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