BIENNALE WORKSHOP GROUP 8: Mapping the Giardini Exhibition. The difference between the Potential and the Actual Intensity.

Ellemieke van Vliet
Adriaan Trouwee
Dasha Vernygora
Bianca Tamasan
Anne Schakel

I am at the start, where I am not alone but neither together. I’m excited about the journey I will experience today. Where I start empty and will change and learn. I’m seeking for things that I will later understand. There is a path before me, with different smells, different colours, different sounds, different people and different experiences.

The first entrance is where I start.

Sound coming from everywhere, it’s all around me. There is music, beautiful and poetic, there are voices, loudly talking to each other, I can’t understand them. More sounds surround me. Not defined, not understandable, it’s not music, there are not voices, and there is something I can’t understand. Sounds are coming from the left and the right, they’re hard and they are soft. They are loudly and silent. I drown in the sounds, I drown in the thoughts the sounds make me think of. The associations, the experiences. I start to drift away, I drift at the sounds to another place, I drown and I sink. I’m not where I was. Where am I?


Suddenly I am back, where I can remember being. Something tracks my attention, I am walking towards it while the rest of the space becomes vague, it is not as important as it was before. I am drone by a bright and clear light, which is also warm and comfortable. Under the light there is an object, by which I am fascinated because it is what it is. It is not pretending to be something else, it can’t be something else, it’s clear and readable. I understand the object, and therefore I’m not feeling overwhelmed. Another object attracts my attention, because it is different from this one. This is mystic, I cannot understand it at once, I have to look closer at it. So I move, and start to see more details. I start to see what it is made of, but that is different from what is expected to be. I have to keep looking to understand and every second I look at it I understand less.

Than suddenly a movement, and a smell appears. It does not belong to the mysterious object, because I know this smell. This smell belongs to something specific, something tangible. I see what I expect, but also notice something unexpected, a surprise, a contrast.

The sound is rising. There are voices, loudly talking to each other, I can’t understand them… I see a reflection in the corner of my eye. When I follow it, it’s gone because there are more. I see light, I see objects all reflecting to each other. All the reflections create a new world, which is not real and not virtual. I see things twice, but when I look closer, they are not the same. I also see movement and shapes reflecting to colours. I only look, the rest is not important. Experiencing is looking.

There are voices, loudly talking to each other, I can’t understand them..

I am not alone. The people I noticed being there are now suddenly existing. They’re all different people. There big and small, loud and silent, present and not, colourful and black. They’re different and they’re the same. I am not alone. We are experiencing together. We interact and we strengthen each other. Together we go further, together we experience more, the intensity becomes bigger.

Presentation Bianca, Adriaan, Dasha, Anne, Ellemieke

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