BIENNALE WORKSHOP GROUP 6: Out of the box / in a box

Caitlin Mills-Sheehy
Renske Maria van Dam
Imre van der Gaag
Rutger Kraal
Laurien Anne Korst


Long, long time ago Marco Polo was traveling in the remote part of the north-east of the south-west part of Asia, when he had a special encounter with a local medicine man. This man introduced Marco to our five senses, he learned him to truly taste, touch, see, smell and hear. But on his trip back to Venice, Marco completely forgot.

2012 Biennale is an overwhelming experience, triggering every sensation, resulting in a blur. Visitors are not aware of the full potential of their senses and what that does to the body. We do not know what a body can do.

So we looked for a medicine to trigger our full potential. Today we can announce we have developed a tool that is a continuation of the ancient tradition of the old medicine man. ‘Out of the box – in a box’  will prepare you for the ultimate Venice Biennale experience.

Now we will present five pills to enter a new reality. We invite you to open up your senses and we will guide you through a new dimension of experience of space-time.


Close your eyes…

Out of the box


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