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Bouwkunde at Venice Biennale | Participate

Biennale session of the DSD: AAA or “the Asignifying Affordance of Assemblage”
3-day event in collaboration with two other universities, including Bauhaus / Dessau Institute of Architecture. The event will be at the biennale venues with workshops, lectures, and exhibitions.


COMMON GROUND 13th Venice Biennale of Architecture, directed by Sir David Chipperfield

DSD TU Delft The Asignifying Affordance of Assemblage


The question of metaphysics has always been that of the ground (grund), as Mark Wigley recalls: “Its history is that of a succession of different names (logos, ratio, arche, etc.) for the ground. Each of them designates ‘being’, which is understood as […] ‘supporting presence’ for an edifice.” In other words, before the enquiry even begins, the subject is already determined as something that endures above and beyond its transitory predicates and is therefore prevented in advance from affirming the original movement through which the subject itself is affected. The cure is to bracket ‘natural perception’ in which every single thing appears as an already constituted body, quality or action. In the words of Deleuze: “To make the body a power which is not reducible to the organism, to make thought a power which is not reducible to consciousness.”

The AAA challenges a long tradition in both philosophy and psychoanalysis that has been applied to architecture critique, one which has insisted on inscribing the subject as primarily grounded in thought (Descartes) or language (Lacan). Such fetishistic subjects have deluded themselves into thinking in the mode of the ready-made that is at the centre of its various experiences and understandings, separate from the constellation of intensities that it undergoes. As Clair Colebrook puts it: “Once we try to think the origin of all that is, the very ground of being, then we arrive properly not at the origin of sensibility, but sensibility as origin.” Sensibility is ‘ground zero’.

Pitching the adequate level or finding an appropriate ‘grain’ of analysis is to affirm not the relativity of truth but the truth of relativity. A special agility of mind is needed as we find ourselves on the continuously varying but meta-stable ground of ecology where things are not logically necessary but contingently obligatory; which operates between the simultaneous realisation of two competing tendencies: the tendency of the components to couple together and to express their intrinsic independent behaviour.



B-Nieuws Article (may 2012)

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