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ARGUS x EXPLORE LAB: Play-Ground-Structures

In late April 2018, ARGUS x Explore Lab are offering a hands-on workshop, Play-Ground-Structures, led by Studio Ossidiana and in collaboration with high-end concrete manufacturer Tomaello.

Far from fenced enclaves dedicated exclusively to children, we understand playgrounds as integral to the urban fabric as platforms for all ages and catalysts for interactions. We will expand the concept of the playground to the realm of the city by looking at urban spaces and elements (squares, arcades, stairs, bridges, urban furniture) as potential playful structures, that could stimulate imagination, creativity and interactions among citizens of all ages.

The aim of the workshop is to make a series of expressive, tactile, colourful play structures by experimenting with concrete. The results will expose the exciting, versatile nature of a material that has progressively lost its expressive potential in the building industry. The narrative and sensual character of concrete will be explored by working with different types of formwork, textures and aggregates and by combining pigments, stones, sand, and cement in different ratios. The opportunity to work at a 1:1 scale, in a high-end concrete manufacturer is an experience that will give students the opportunity to sharpen their attention to detail and colour, as well as their practical relation between form and use.

The workshop consists of a 5-day programme, starting from 21st April. We will be situated between BK, Delft and Tomaello, Vlaardingen. The sessions will be guided by Studio Ossidiana (Alessandra Covini and Francesco Apostoli), and the making process will be assisted by professional concrete makers at the factory. Working in groups of 3-5, students will be able to gain a complete experience from conceptual design to detailing, including formwork and mould-making, material selection, concrete casting, and final polishing.

You may check the simplified agenda below. A final presentation will be held at BK in mid-May. Following the workshop, there will be a further possibility to present your work in a publication, and in exhibition format at either TU Delft or Het Nieuwe Instituut.

21.04.2018 – Saturday DAY 1 @ Tomaello
Manufacturer tour, Lecture on playgrounds, Presentation on assignment and themes

23.04.2018 – Monday DAY 2 @ TU Delft
Charette design on playgrounds, Colour tests

24.04.2018 – Tuesday DAY 3 @ TU Delft
Make concrete formworks and scale models

26.04.2018 – Thursday DAY 4 @ Tomaello
Prepare recipes for the mixtures, Casting

02.05.2018 – Wednesday DAY 5 @ Tomaello
Demoulding tiles, Polishing and finishing tiles, Photographs of final work

#NOTICE The workshop has limited spaces of maximum 20 persons. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to with three images of your own work which relates to the theme, with a short caption under each image. The deadline for submission is midnight 12th April.

The cost for participating is 28.50 euros, which will cover the material costs from the manufacturer and tuition. The fee does not cover travel expenses. As soon as we confirm your participation, you will be notified via email with payment information, latest by 16th April.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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