ARGUS Open Meeting

The centre of ARGUS are the ARGUS Open Meetings taking place every first and third Wednesday of the month. It is a student forum, working session and social event to initiate, discuss and share ideas on what we students and ARGUS can do within and outside our faculty.
Everyone is welcome to join the meetings.

The actual state of the various projects is presented and discussed. Upcoming meetings and events are being published. It is the time to get informed on what’s going on, getting to know the other people involved in ARGUS and discuss the further steps of the association. Decisions that affect ARGUS at large are discussed and made during this meeting. This enables ARGUS to stay open to newcomers during the entire year and welcome new people in different roles and functions.

It is facilitated by the Core Team, the equivalent of the former board. With input from all Working Groups they prepare the agenda for each meeting. After the formal part according to the agenda, the open meeting transforms into an informal gathering where we can talk, discuss and breed new ideas.

The ARGUS Open Meetings are thus not only for keeping everyone involved and up-to-date but also to build the community of people who wish to have an impact on their education and the world of architecture outside our faculty.