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ARGUS Board 2016/2017 Application Deadline

Board Interest Registration

Board Interest Registration

ARGUS is looking for new board members!

Are you interested in doing something more at the faculty than just studying? Would you like to organize architectural related activities? Curious about how it is to get into contact with academics and practitioners in the field of architecture? Then becoming a board member of ARGUS, the architecture master study association of TU Delft, is the solution for you.

The board membership is part-time, about one day per week, which means you can continue your own studies next to it without any problems. The board will consist of six master architecture students, who will all have their specific function within the board. The term officially begins next September and lasts through the academic year.

If you are curious for more information, feel free to stop by our office BG.OOST.500, contact us here or at We’d be glad to discuss with you the specifics of being involved.

Apply here:

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