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Writing-walking as artful practice

one night in April 2019

Our previous walk through the landscapes of Hoek van Holland was an enunciative practice. Steps, chats, a rope and different landscapes made us unite in a bodily experience with ecological systems which we inhabit. We passed differences and inter-acted loosely with our surroundings. We wanted to capture this experience in a collective writing. We asked several questions, and answered by silently drawing lines – stories came to life.

What is Nighthoek?

Nighthoek is the exploration of anthropocentric landscapes surrounding the port of Hoek van Holland, under the cover of Night…

The location merged sea, soft dark dunes, non-glowing greenhouses, empty roads, hidden bunkers, and a land looking towards the future.

A line {connecting} us all, an experience getting is closer to the unknown, …

Nighthoek is a listening ear to stories of diaspora, beeps of cargo ships, and to silence. Nighthoek is getting caught in the flow but also becoming aware of it … resisting it.

Nighthoek explores difference, poem lines, being horizontal, walking on sand, grass, paths, concrete, sand, sand, water, sand. Different lights, dusk 1, dusk 2, dusk 3, night, moon vibration.

Nighthoek was a moonlit night walk, moving close together, holding on a rope, to each other.

Nighthoek is a place and movement to meet new landscapes, people and idea’s. It is a place beyond your common habitat. habits.

Habits of humanity are engrained here… extended daylight, year-round caprese salad, push back against the sea.

Lines are drawn, are taken and handed on. The line moves, takes shapes, hoeks and leads us, together – along.

And get we lead the line. Without us and our movements, the line would not exist, or move, or link.

The link lines low and light, to and fro, separating us a bit less than life normally does.

What does Post-Anthropocene mean in Hoek van Holland?

The post-anthropocene is a state of transition in(/of) Hoek van Holland. Landscape shifts, walks are erected, goods flow from this corner of the world to another corner.

A borderline, a mixture, and in-between. A place offering perspectives beyond.

Wanting to be horizontal can mean to disrupt the logics of 24/7 potential production landscapes, taking a nap between the dormant plants in tall glass houses. Post-Anthropocene can mean to flow through neatly delineated plots, to move, to not-settle, to move like a snake made up of so many collective bodies, a rope glowing gin twilight.

A place that has become dominated by human need, human greed, but not the human themselves.

In between the grains of sand, small worlds evaporate into the mist of the night; soaked up by the plants whispering stories to each other.

Hoek van holland is a machinaal of human consumption on the edge of {human habitat}, {away from human?}

What is Flow?

Flow is the transitioning aspect of material, flow is time, velocity, network unseen.

Nighthoek moved around our ability to fully grasp the scale of global production, global capital, global flow, and its violent histories, it meant meaning getting lost in translation, lost in the sound of the wind or the waves, but still something remains.

Flow is the desired state of instability. Flow is when things move and happen towards a pleasant ….

State of entropy. Flows rush to one another, repel one another, construct borders against and paths across.

Over and under, or through. A symbiose and synergy taking place. A state – being.

A temporary state, only meaningful in relation to its part or its future. Against that which stays still around it.

What is light?

Bright and without heaviness. Particles, matter, an object, travelling. Slow and fast, the same moment.

It is the opposite of dark, allows us to see and use our eyes. In this same instance, it priorities our sight, somehow dulling our other senses.

There are many shades of light, bright, twilight, fast as black night.

Light is what makes thing visible, but no light is the same.

Light is always looking outwards, seeking boundaries, filling a space, diffusing to nothingness. It is now omnipresent, a 24h 24/7 reminder of the post-anthropocene.

Collective writing, April 2019. Nicole, Catherine, Setareh, Maarten, Ruby, Willie

Thank you for sharing your poems and walked with us Yoojin Lee & Malique

Photos by Catherine, Aska, Daniel, Willie

And Yoojin Lee – Dormant Buds On Twigs from Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee

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