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#7 Monthly Activity: Chinese Urbanization – Stefan Al

Chinese Urbanization Lecture by Stefan Al PhD, MSc, MArch, LEED AP

Friday, March 18 “Lunch” Lecture – 12:45 in Room E

This month ARGUS is pleased to welcome Stefan Al PhD, a Dutch architect (founder of Stefan Al Architects) as well as an Associate Professor of Urban Design at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn). Dr. Al has conducted and published an important body of research on the multiple challenges of China’s fast changing landscape (most notably on the “urban villages” and the factory towns of Southern China), part of which he will share with us.

Our faculty’s intense interest for this part of the world became evident many times in the past. However, we believe that an open debate, which would analyse the multiple factors that shape today’s Chinese Urbanism (historical heritage, consumer society and rural exodus), is still absent.

Dr. Al’s research has been accompanied with the publication of several books on urbanization, including Factory Towns of South China, Village in the City, and Mall City. Additionally he has also worked professionally in China, most notably on the Canton Tower in Guangzhou. His full CV can be viewed here

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ARGUS 2016.03 #7

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