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#6 Monthly Activity: 3D Printing Competition & Workshop

Have you always wanted to 3D print but never gotten around to it? Join us this month as we learn the ins and outs of printing here at BK. After an hour long intro, you’ll have 48 hours to design a uniquely ‘useful’ object within the confines of a 5x5x5 cm cube. Five euro entry fee, includes everything.

Register at Eventbrite by Monday the 22nd. (limited to 20 participants)

Workshop: Monday the 22nd 9:00-10:00, Modeling Hall
Submit your entry by the 24th at 9:00
View the results on Monday the 29th, Location TBA

More info:

3D printing has become a pervasive element of architectural practice, from model making to bridge building, the capabilities are proving endless. TU Delft is particularly well equipped to engage with the possibilities of 3D printing, and as you most likely know, we are even able to 3D print in BK.

This workshop and competition seeks to introduce you to the 3D printing capabilities of our faculty. We will begin with a brief, yet thorough, introduction to the machines, how they can be used and how to prepare your digital files. At the conclusion of the introduction, all participants will then be given 48 hours to design and submit their competition submittal (as defined below). Submissions will be printed by the CAMlab, judged, and then displayed in the faculty before be returned to their designers in early March.

The competition asks each entrant to design a uniquely useful object. We’d like the submission to challenge the norm, yet also be a functional addition to your (or someone else’s) daily life. The printed object must fit within the bounds of a 5x5x5cm cube and must be printed with PLA. Each entry may be accompanied by a short description which will be later defined on the official brief.

Participation in the workshop is mandatory for participation in the competition. Additionally all entrants must be Master students from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. The cost of participating is €5, this cost includes the workshop, the entry fee, and the cost of the 3D printing. The entries will be judged by an external examiner (TBA), a first place along with two honourable mentions will be selected. First place will be awarded €15 and the honourable mentions will receive €5 each.

Check our Facebook page for more information: ARGUS – Architecture Student Association
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