#3 ARGUS Monthly Activity: #buildingaday

#3 ARGUS Monthly Activity: #buildingaday

Gallery Opening and Presentation by Thomas Aquilina, Tuesday 24th November – Orange Hall – 18:00 An architectural photograph, taken everyday for a year. How can the digital forum enhance the way we experience the built environment? Join us Tuesday evening to hear from the photographer, Thomas Aquilina, as he shares the story behind #buildingaday. After […]

Wanted: committee members

Do you like to organize a night full of interesting pitches, do you love to write about architectural topics or do you want to organise interesting lectures or debates? Let us know! We are looking for new members to join the different committees. For more info you can mail us at: info@argus.cc

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#2 ARGUS Monthly Activity - La Ciudad Abierta: The Open City

#2 Monthly Activity: La Ciudad Abierta: The Open City

  The Open City – Lecture by Óscar Andrade Thursday 29th October – Room P – 18:00 The Open City is an experiment in the relationship between poetry and architecture, started in the 70’s in Chile. The lecture will introduce the story of the place and offer a chance to reflect on these issues and […]

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PhD Day | Round Table Talks

To become a doctor, you first have to become a PhD student. At the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft are different PhD students, with different researches and different stories, but not always visible for master students. To connect the master students with the PhD students will be the goal for this PhD-day. Questions […]


#1 ARGUS Monthly Activity: Introduction event

Expect small scale/big impact architecture. Expect below the surface workshops. Expect bringing a raincoat. Join us on September 22nd for an introduction to the coming year of ARGUS (the architectural masters student association) and the London excursion. Drinks provided. More information about the excursion you can be found here.

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Night of the Philosophy

This year’s Night of the Philosophy will be a debate on the theme: Subjective Aesthetics? On this evening we want to reflect on the nature of the idea of aesthetics in architecture. We have noticed that the topic has become increasingly polarized. Aesthetics is often regarded as something individual and subjective. In education (in Delft) […]