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Argus is in search of the new board of ’15 -’16!

At the beginning of the year Argus re-started as a quite unknown master student association. So, one of our goals for this year was to get on the radar of the Architecture master students of our faculty. Next to the introduction of a monthly paper, we organized a big variety of activities in order to accomplish this goal. A couple of […]

Wanted: committee members

Do you like to organize a night full of interesting pitches, do you love to write about architectural topics or do you want to organise interesting lectures or debates? Let us know! We are looking for new members to join the different committees. For more info you can mail us at:

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Argus – Arquiteturas – Film Festival Lisboa

Argus is hosting a Film Festival! Every Thursday in April Argus is showing a series of award winning films from the LISBON FILM FESTIVAL in Portugal. Thanks to ’Do You Mean Architecture’ we are able to bring these amazing films to BK, and we can’t wait to share them with you! Each evening a grouping of three […]

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Launch #7 | The construction of BK City

Laura Alvarez was the winner of the ‘Building for Bouwkunde’ competition and a participation in the ‘BK Slim’ restricted competition. None of her designs were realized. Hear her side of the story as she discusses her plans for BK city and the potential faculty that could have been constructed. 26-03-2015 | 17:00 | Room B

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View & Overview – Debate on architecture (year)books and criticism

Texts, images and ideas about architecture are today omnipresent. Through websites, blogs, platforms and interest groups we are continuously informed about ideas, developments and controversies concerning the built environment. Professionals as well as non- professionals generate a never- ending stream of information on projects and buildings. Within this cloud of ‘big data’ the publication of […]

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Launch #6 | Spaces and Spectators

Breg Horemans is an architect and scenographer and he will speak about the position of the spectator through history of (theatre) architecture in relation to the installations he makes. “As one puts the spectator/participant central, there is a shift from a classical spectator to a participant. He believes that in the digitally driven environment where […]